Are you getting audited by the State Bar of California regarding your MCLE hours?
You don't want to let this audit turn into a full blown State Bar investigation. In most situations the audit, if handled correctly, can be cleared up at this stage. However, if the State Bar is not satisfied with your proof of MCLE hours, or not satisfied with your reasons for not completing the hours, this audit will likely turn into a State Bar investigation. If an investigator is assigned, there is always the possibility of discipline against your license.

Remember, when you affirm you completed your MCLE hours, and in fact you did not complete the required hours, the State Bar believes that you have committed an act of moral turpitude, dishonesty, and corruption in willful violation of Business and Professions Code section 6106. A 6106 charge is very serious and you should not take this audit, and especially the investigation, lightly.

• 25 hours are required (4 hours of Legal Ethics, 1 of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, and 1 of Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession)
• Participatory vs. Self-Study: The number of required participatory hours is one-half of the total number of required hours. You can do more than this, but at least half must be participatory. (Please see MCLE Rule 2.83, Rules of State Bar)
• There are certain proportional requirements and exemptions to these rules.

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