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"The California State Bar was investigating me"

"I received a letter from the California State Bar Office of Chief Trial Counsel. To say that it scared me is an understatement. I started calling around and even though some attorneys I spoke to seemed to know what they were talking about, only Anthony made me feel like he knew every little detail about what I was going through and what the California State Bar wanted. I signed the retainer and Anthony instantly started contacting the Investigator at the State Bar about my case. He ended up writing multiple letters to the Investigator based on the fact that they kept asking questions. Anthony kept me in the loop the whole time and explained to me exactly why he was responding in the certain way he was. I can only hope that my clients feel just as at ease with me as I did with Anthony. I trusted him fully and never for one second felt that he was going to steer me wrong. Suffice to say he ultimately got the State Bar to close the case against me. I recommend him to any attorney who is under investigation."

– Anonymous

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Don't let the State Bar pressure you into accepting discipline without talking to me first. I have handled hundreds of investigations, don't make the mistake of representing yourself. (California State Bar Investigations, State Bar Defense Attorney)