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Legal Ethics Consultations and Advice


Benjamin Franklin is credited in saying “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This quote cannot be truer in regards to your law practice. 

As your legal ethics attorneys, an ongoing and ever important service we provide is counseling you when faced with a question of ethics. We give our legal opinion outlining our professional view of your circumstances and provide the steps to take to ensure your compliance with California ethics rules and laws.

Not all situations require a formal opinion from our office, however we are always willing to provide tailored counseling based on our experience and knowledge of both the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the State Bar Act.

When you have questions about ethical issues concerning your legal practice, call us.

Representing clients throughout all of California.

Don't let the State Bar pressure you into accepting discipline without talking to me first. I have handled hundreds of investigations, don't make the mistake of representing yourself.

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